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 2019Feb » 

We don't brew beer to make money, we make money to brew better beer.

 Current events

Dover Good Beer Trail

Real Ale and Craft Beer in Dover

Dover for many years been a hub of Real Ale activity for the south east Kent area.  With out the efforts of the late Roger Marples (right), we'd not be where we are today.

Our local prestigious local Dover Winter Ales Festival, in the ancient Maison Dieu run by Dover District CAMRA for many years is the hightlight in the year. Noteable for every beer being over 5%, certainly the UK's premier strong ales festival.  The recent inception of the Crabble Corn Mill beer fest has been immense success, summer drinking by the mill stream of the River Dour is not to be missed.  These festivals attended thousands of people from near and far, has borne a dense population of Micro Pubs, The Rack of Ale, The Lanes, The Mash Tun and The Thirsty Scarecrow, as well as a number of Real ale centric pubs, such as The Louis Armstrong and Blakes' Cellar bar *.   Dover had an immense brewery history, such is the quality of the water, is now home to two breweries, us Breakwater and the Tir Dha Ghlas Brewery in Cullins Yard.

Dover Good Beer Trail Map

This is not an exhaustive list nor a suggested route, quality and offer of good beer and always please check opening hours.  NB: 3 Bench Street is the Mash Tun, run by Peter and Katherine.


Other Bits of Note:


Near by picturesque Deal is also home to two noteable beer bars, the Just Reproach and the Berry in Walmer.   We'll be adding more when we get our passports and get time to get over and have a wander.

Local Beer Festivals

Dover Winter Ales Festival

Festival of Winter Ales has been held in Dover's Town Hall since 1994, thus the oldest and most historic venue for a beer festival in the country. With its superb stained glass windows, collection of arms and official portraits of the Lords Warden of the Cinque Ports it makes for a unique location for a beer festival.

Crabble Corn Mill Beer Festival

The beer and cider festivals held at Crabble Corn Mill were first prompted by the need to raise funds for the renovation and upkeep of the mill during a particularly lean period. It was felt that bread and beer or cider were a natural and historic combination.

Their first festival, in 2004, was very much a small-scale experiment with only 8 beers and no cider; in fact they didn't introduce cider to the beer festivals until 2006 and our first cider festival, as a separate event, was in 2008.  This first cider festival was held as result of the increased popularity of cider, especially in Kent.

Hosting any major event requires some fairly major up-front funding and their festivals are no exception. The Crabble Corn Mill Trust did not, as does not, have the financial backing to set up such an event without resorting to external funding and the Trust will be forever grateful to the many sponsors that have come forward year after year to enable these events to take place and flourish. The only limitation imposed on the festivals now is the lack of space to expand and the legal limitation to the number of visitors that can be on site at any one time.

Near By Breweries

Time and Tide - "Creating and experimenting are passions at Time and Tide, discovering new ways to bring you amazing beer with distinctive twists. Sometimes you have to think a little outside the box to create something extraordinary"

Gadds' of Ramsgate. Legendary good friends.

By The Mile - our mate John. 


Calais and Dunkerque

It goes without saying that we're very close to the continent, those that are travelling through may be interested to note that there are breweries at Coquelles and Dunkerque - operated by the 3 Brasseurs group, who'll we'll be collaborating with a beer later in 2017.  Cap Griz Nez, a short hop and often viewable on a clear day, is home to our friend Christophe Noyon at the 2 Caps brewery.

Other Interest Groups

It's always worth keeping an eye on the Dover District Good Beer Group on FB as well as the excellent Kent Green Hop group.

*these links in no way constitute a recomendation or are offered in order of preference.  We hold no responsibility for validity for information, link quality etc etc.

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