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We don't brew beer to make money, we make money to brew better beer.

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Other Beverages & Snacks

Whilst Breakwater is a brewery first, then offering a taproom we realise not everyone is a beer drinker. Shocking news! (we joke)  So, we've brought together a few things we hope you might like.   Please do however appreciate we're a beer house first, Cider and Wine, and yes, Spirits aren't our focus.  We're working on it however... 


We offer the ciders from our favourite local cider house, Green Oak from near by Waldershare Park.    We're currently pouring their natural ferment Dry "Scrumpilicious", their medium "Pearson's Pride" and "with Berries" their pink fruity cider.  These are artisanal ciders.  


We offer a changing and thoughtfully selected range of quality wines, by the glass.  Please see board. We pour 125 and 250ml.   Bottles to share. There are often, limited amounts of selected other wines, please ask.



We offer 50ml pour of any of the Gin, with a Fever tree tonic of your choice.                  
Silent Pool - Surrey made, local honey, chamomile, lavendar and kaffir lime
Brockman’s - fruity aromatic, London Gin
Whitley Neill - South African, Cape Gooseberries, local herbs and spices
Anno - Marden, Kent.  bright aromatic dry gin.
Sipsmith - modern London Dry Gin, Juiper heavy.
Cao Runn -  Scottish Gin. heather, apple, Dandelion, bog myrtle, rowan berry. floral gin.
Gin Mare - Spanish modern gin. Savory, Olives, Corriander, Cardamom.
Bloom - Delicate citrusy london style gin.  Chamonile, Pomello, honeysuckle
Adnam’s Copper House - Our mate Fergus’ amped up savoury London Gin.
Puerto des Indes - Spanish Strawberry Gin.
Williams GB Chase - Delicate citrusy london style gin.  Chamonile, Pomello, honeysuckle

Martin Miller -  Distilled in England, Blended with Icelandic Water, giving a soft aromatic London Gin.
Ophir - Cardamom spiced, warming Gin.

Whiskey and Whisky

It's our ambition to bring together a nice little "collection" of whisky and whiskey for those long winter nights we have to deal with in Dover.   (it's two nights around, December 21st) - we don't profess to be whisky conniseurs, but we're trying ;)  Bourbon on the other hand...

  • The Balvenie Carribean Cask 14
  • The Glenrothes Single Malt Vintage Reserve. 

with more to come... 


  • Wood's Navy
  • Pussers
  • Mt Gay Black Barrel

with more to come... 



Yes, really water, our own Spring water from 35 meters below the brewery, which we're told is bottled elsewhere as a premium spring water.  It's the same source, we're also told as the original brewery.   So, we've always our spring water, which is in plentiful supply from our "fountain" in the taproom aside the brewery.   Yes, real proper spring water. Just ask for a glass. 

Soft Drinks

We offer the range of Fentimans.

if there are other things you wish to see here, please use our suggestion box. 

Breakwater Brewery Brewsletter

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