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Breakwater wasn't created to be a company, the company is just a vehicle to allow us create and share great beer.

Our Beers

Our beers begin, like many other brewers today, with specially selected, carefully inspected ingredients. Our brewing process is designed to maximise flavour, from the brewhouse to glass, and every step along the way is continuously evaluated for its contribution to flavour and quality. 

We've travelled tens of thousands of miles in the name of research, tried thousands of beers (styles, types, brands) and we think we know what we're doing. From these experiences, and influences from friends in those places, we've developed flavours, bringing styles from afar, so you don't have to travel.

We don’t brew beer for the masses. Instead, our beers are for a chosen few, a small cadre of people who enjoy a beer that pushes the limits of what is commonly accepted as conventional.  

In short, we make beer for people like us.  We like to think our message is in the bottle, glass and your enjoyment. Please go celebrate our friends' beers as much ours!  We'd welcome a review on or, or Untappd when the chance arrives. But if you have any concerns or questions, please make sure to let us know too!

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Breakwater Bulwark - Session IPA

Breakwater 304 Lager

DayBreaker OPA

Dover's Pale Ale (DPA) is the beer that we want to drink when we're in the pub, hoppy, dry, golden bitter ale. Easy going, but with enough character you can remember it's name. Brewed with the best English malts money can buy, a selected blend of American and English hops for a citrus spicy bit of hop action.

You'll be taken in by the look, tempted by the aroma and fall in love with the balance.

Breakwater The Mongrel Modern beer is in a constant state of innovation, and constant fight with ..

Breakwater Castle on the Hill  - Amber Ale

Breakwater Cow Juice - Milk Stout

Breakwater Death Watch

Breakwater Dockers - Old Skool Porter

HellFire Corner

Minnow - Vintage Mild Ale

Breakwater Paper Aeroplane Fight - Citra Au35 IPA

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River End Unofficial

The Mogul

Breakwater Sunburn Lager Lager is unfortunately a pejorative term to some. So as is our way we..
Breakwater Brewery Brewsletter

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