Blue Ensign

Blue Ensign


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Blue Ensign

Breakwater Blue Ensign

Traditional English Ale isn't dead,  this is ours.    Along side Dover's Pale Ale, our light session ale, this is more a classic bitter style ale. Like DPA it's a local distribution only, The drinkers’ favourite, a 4.3% classic English ale with a complex English hop and yeast aroma.  Some may say this is boring brown beer, but in the Breakwater way, quality with a little bit more flavour than the rest, it's tweaked in the direction of modern day beer.

Why the Blue Ensign?   

The Blue Ensign is a flag, one of several British ensigns, used by certain organisations or territories associated with the United Kingdom. It is used either plain, or defaced with a badge or other emblem. The evolution of the Blue Ensign followed that of the Union Jack. The ensign originated in the 17th century with the St George's cross (the Flag of England) in the canton, and with a blue field.  The Acts of Union 1707 united England and Wales with Scotland in the Kingdom of Great Britain, thus producing a new Blue Ensign with the new Union Flag in the canton. With the Act of Union 1800, Ireland joined the United Kingdom and St Patrick's Cross was added to the Union Flag and, accordingly, to the cantons of all British ensigns from 1 January 1801.

Thus, after 1864, the plain blue ensign (i.e., without any defacement or modification) is permitted to be worn, instead of the Red Ensign, by three categories of civilian vessel:

  1. British merchant vessels whose officers and crew include a certain number of retired Royal Navy personnel or Royal Navy reservists, or are commanded by an officer of the Royal Naval Reserve in possession of a Government warrant. The number and rank of such crew members required has varied over the years, as have the additional conditions required, since the system was first introduced in 1864.
  2. Royal Research Ships by warrant whether manned by former Royal Navy personnel or Merchant Navy personnel.
  3. British-registered Yachts belonging to members of our Cinque Ports Yacht Club.

About the Beer:

We've made this beer with heritage yeasts, malts and hops - English grown Bullion, Endeavor hops and Simpson's Heritage Crystal malts, our water, and traditional English ale yeasts.   

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