The Mogul

The Mogul


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Product Code: Breakwater The Mogul
Availability: Avail in Cask & at Tap

The Mogul

The Mogul is a strong, golden, well hopped IPA.

There are a numerous classics that we love to drink in the pub,  this beer is inspired by many of those and somewhat a confluence of ideas, the love of west coast brewing traditions, a pub in Dover and much much more that came together to form Breakwater.    The Mogul was a much loved and missed Real Ale house that was the foundation of Dover's burgeoning real ale scene.

What is different about this "core" beer However, whilst the grist (the malt base, Simpsons' Golden Promise, Munich and Wheat) stays the same, likewise the yeast - the hops will change .    Predominantly using Columbus for bittering, we'll be ringing the changes, seasonally and what we can get our hands on to play with, and unlike many in this category, we're using an estery English Ale strain, fermented cool to moderate but work with the hops.

Batch #1, Mosaic & Citra Kettle and Amarillo and Simcoe Dry hop.


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Style Our Pale n' Hoppy
ABV 4.2%abv
Bottle Size
Allergens Info Contains Barley and Wheat Gluten
Availability Draught - Draft only.
Best Before / Ageability Do not age under any circumstances. Please tell us if you find a sub-par pint.
Bottled on Date:
Food Pairing
Glass Shape Willi Becher / 2/3 shaker
Brewing Information
Brewer James & Vic
Hops Bittering: Columbus Kettle: Various See Batch Number Dry Hop: Various See Batch Number
Malt Grist Simpsons Golden Promise, Simpsons Munich, Simpsons Wheat Malt
Yeast House English Ale Strain.
Pubs and Bars TBC
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