Cow Juice

Cow Juice


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Product Code: Breakwater Cow Juice
Availability: Avail in Cask & at Tap

Cow Juice

Breakwater Cow Juice - Milk Stout

Collaboration with friends from Capetown?

Milk stout is still hugely popular in one of our most avourite places, CapeTown. SAB Miller as was, brewed Castle Milk Stout, a 6% version of what orginiated in these parts. We have many friends in the CapeTown brewing scene; Woodstock, Aegir and many others, however through Phil's hop life, he works with the proprietor of Riot Beer, Marc Fourie - they conspired to make this beer.

Milk stout was believed to be nutritious, and was recommended to nursing mothers, such are old wives tales. We've followed a traditional recipe with up to date ingredients

This is vintage, drinking beer. Smooth, rich, chocolate heaven.



The ingredients are:  Simpsons Golden Promise, T50, DRC and Chocolate and Roast malts,    It’s hopped with Endeavour.

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Style Our take on an American Amber Ale
ABV 4.4%abv
Bottle Size
Allergens Info Contains Barley, gluten
Availability Draught - Draft only.
Best Before / Ageability Do not age under any circumstances. Please tell us if you find a sub-par pint.
Bottled on Date: 11/2/16
Food Pairing Hotdogs.
Glass Shape Willi Becher / 2/3 shaker
Brewing Information
Brewer Phil
Brewlength 4 brewers barrels
Hops Columbus and Endeavour
Malt Grist Simpsons Golden Promise, T50, DRC and Chocolate and Roast malts,
Yeast House English Ale Strain.
Pubs and Bars TBC
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