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Product Code: Minnow - Vintage Mild Ale
Availability: Avail in Cask & at Tap


Breakwater Minnow - Vintage Mild Ale

Yup we love mild.  Mild, that abused, down trodden and often looked back on with rose tinted specs.   

“Eh? Mild what?” you may ask, bewildered. Once Britain’s most popular beer style, mild ale, as it developed in the 20th century, whilst not always the way, evolved to be a low-strength (around 3%), very-lightly hopped beer, that became a staple working mans drink; you could sink a few and still get up for their shift the next morning. Around the UK, you'd see Mild available in light and dark versions with the encompassing diversity of flavours; chocolate or liquorice notes from roasted grains in a dark mild.  

This is vintage, drinking beer.  Formerly HMS Minnow, but no one called it that, so became Minnow.

I remember the great John Keeling, of Fuller's fame, saying that, "for a beer style to become fashionable it's got to die completely." - whether mild is dead, I'll leave to you...    

This isn't a revival brew, this isn't an attempt at something modern - just something we'd like to drink. This is all about malts.  Dry, roasty toasty, with a little sweetness.   


The ingredients are:  Simpsons Golden Promise, T50, DRC and Chocolate and Roast malts  It’s hopped with Endeavour and a bit of US Cascade.

Beer Rating Link
Style Modern take on an old school porter
ABV 2.8%abv
Bottle Size n/a
Allergens Info Contains Barley
Availability Draught - Draft only.
Best Before / Ageability Do not age under any circumstances. Please tell us if you find a sub-par pint.
Bottled on Date: 11/2/16
Food Pairing Hotdogs.
Glass Shape Willi Becher / 2/3 shaker
Brewing Information
Brewer Phil
Brewlength 4 brewers barrels
Hops Centennial, Columbus, Cascade, Amarillo, Simcoe.
Malt Grist Low Colour Pale, Carapils.
Yeast House English Ale Strain.
Pubs and Bars TBC
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