River End Unofficial

River End Unofficial


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Availability: Autumn Seasonal

River End Unofficial

Mogul is a big IPA  

Between searching for beer names and requests from Dover CAMRA for their Winter Strong Ales Festival Paper Aeroplane Fight was born. What with seemingly every beer name taken, silly randomness ensues, the origin is from the typical Friday night entertainment at the Dover beer fest is an enormous paper aeroplane fight. Of course you could reach a spurious story about the tradition of Japanese fighting kites or something, but heh, lets be honest.

Also, we love hops. This beer is all about hops.  Firstly in this beer we’ve snagged a load of Citra, rightly well known for its immense fruity-tropical aromatics, then we’ve got our grubby hands on some AU35 a new Australian experimental Peach and Passion fruit bomb, which we’ve chosen to dry hop the beer with. We’ve kept to a “simple” base of Simpsons Golden Promise, some Golden Naked Oats and a pinch of Dextrose


The ingredients are:  Simpsons Golden Promise, Golden Naked Oats. It’s hopped with a dash of US Columbus hops then lots and lots of Citra and then lots and lots of AU35.   Yeast is Wyeast 1056.

Style Modern take on an old school porter
ABV 4.4%abv
Bottle Size n/a
Allergens Info Contains Barley
Availability Draught - Draft only.
Best Before / Ageability Do not age under any circumstances. Please tell us if you find a sub-par pint.
Bottled on Date: 11/2/16
Food Pairing Hotdogs.
Glass Shape Willi Becher / 2/3 shaker
Brewing Information
Brewer Phil
Brewlength 4 brewers barrels
Hops Centennial, Columbus, Cascade, Amarillo, Simcoe.
Malt Grist Low Colour Pale, Carapils.
Yeast House English Ale Strain.
Pubs and Bars TBC
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