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Product Code: Breakwater Sunburn
Availability: Keg & Taproom
Tags: Lager


Breakwater Sunburn Lager

Lager is unfortunately a pejorative term to some. So as is our way we've gone and made a lager and this is anything but your normal "lager", which are mostly industrial "macro" are far from the roots of what lager was and can be today.

Yes, you can read it again we've made a lager. Not your everyday, cooking lager, but something amped up and a little twisted. And certainly not something most brewers of our scale would even consider.

Ours is inspired by our friend Andreas Gaenstaller, who makes the most amazing soft aromatic lagers in the heart of Franconia, a hub of amazing brewing just north of Munich. There, typically the high quality lagers in this area are made with their local malts, their hops from the Hallertau, Spalt and Tettnang (areas that the beating heart of German hop production), their water and lager yeast that has been handed down generation to generation.

However Andreas switches it up using American and new wave German hop varieties to accentuate aroma and flavour much like the modern IPA and pale ales we've come to know and love, whilst staying true to lager brewing traditions at home in Franconia.

We, like all true Lager brewers have held our beer near freezing for 8 weeks, all the way through the recent heat wave. A long slow resting fermentation profile has left a soft rounded, dry lager, we're super proud of. Made with lager malts from Simpsons Malt Limited, the soft fruity, under appreciated "Ella" hop from Hop Products Australia via Simply Hops, real lager yeast and our water.

Holding true to the values of lager brewing whilst using Australian hops, is a nod to our love of a good lager, but more our relationship with Australia. Likewise, the yeast is of Swiss origin, again the relationship we have with Switzerland. We'll leave you to guess who is which ;)

The beer, isn't filtered, it's naturally hazy like the Franconian kellerbier discussed above. It's dark gold. Soft, fruity and 5.6% abv.

Availability is 30l Kegs, Stainless. Speak to us There will be availability wholesale distribution. It'll also be on tap Breakwater Taproom asap.

Beer Rating Link
Style Northern Californian - West Coast Pale Ale
ABV 6.1
Bottle Size n/a
Allergens Info Contains wheat and barley. Gluten.
Availability Draught - Draft only.
Best Before / Ageability Do not age under any circumstances. Please tell us if you find a sub-par pint.
Bottled on Date: 11/2/16
Food Pairing Hotdogs.
Glass Shape Willi Becher / 2/3 shaker
Brewing Information
Brewer Phil
Brewlength 4 brewers barrels
No. of Bottles Made 1600
Hops Centennial, Columbus, Cascade, Amarillo, Simcoe.
Malt Grist Low Colour Pale, Carapils.
Yeast Cal Ale.
Pubs and Bars TBC
Buy Online D/o
Bottle Shops TBC
Wholesalers TBC

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