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Breakwater Brewery features in Dover Express

in News on March 19, 2016 . 0 Comments.

They say that all PR is good PR.   But thankfully with today's world, as business owners and individuals you have a means of reply and communication. 

Amongst the news offered by the Dover Express newspaper, along side subjects as Wetherspoon's new vegan menu, and eejits throwing cats out a car... we had a little mention on their website. 

Just to update, things are progressing nicely, all parties involved in the brewery are busy with normal working lives and equally we are busy with the build out and business systems of the entity, somehow it's all happening. 

So, it came with some surprise this article appeared which I read whilst I was enjoying a beer with friends from Moor Beer, from Bristol, after a day's work together in Belgium.

Good things have come of the article, (Thanks!) but just a little clarity first.   The article, reads as though they spoke to us.  Nope.  Never ever a word.   We realise now where the content came from,  CAMRA Dover Deal, our local Campaign for Real Ale branch magazine.      You know, I wish they would have spoken to us, We would have invited them down to show them our plans.    All just plans right now, by the way - yes, it'll be a brewery, but what will be 100% certain to happen is all still much in the planning. (which is what happens when you put two artisans together).      What we would like to do, what's acceptable in that space and all other things that go to develop such a business that relies on local community support - those decisions are incredibly important to us.   Making sure the right information is provided is absolutely paramount too!  

We still have lots of paperwork to do, important civic people to talk to and to meet to make this happen.  Support from industry friends, family and friends has been amazing, as well as the local CAMRA branch, who'll be happy to know that cask ale will feature. 

To get back to the article in the Dover Express, it did raise our profile, thank you - and raised important questions too, via their Facebook page.   We'd like to take some time to answer those concerns. 

  Jason, Whilst it's a good time to be in beer, this is a small brewery, as Tony says below.    We're not going to say never, but for the forseeable future, the scale of the operation won't be disruptive. Believe me, We are the last people who would want to be the bad neighbour.   We all have to live and work together, and your thoughts have been discussed very much before you raised it here.   We know that deliveries will be made by smaller vehicles and even then, infrequently

Mary,  as much as above, we're not a huge coporate brewery.   We are an 850 litre brewery, we have an internal condenser that traps all smells and fumes - you won't smell a thing.   And, yes, we too Jane are concerned about access and parking.  I hope that people will use public transport, walk etc, to us, should we actually open the tap room.  We very much suggest that people don't drive to us.  

Sarah,  yes, Glenn, you shouldn't have moved.  :)

So, I hope that helps - we'll keep you informed as to what's happening as and when.



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