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New Beers News: Cow Juice & HellFire Corner

in News on March 06, 2017 . 0 Comments.

Breakwater Cow Juice Milk StoutBreakwater Cow Juice - Milk Stout

You've all heard of Mackeson's?   Well that's a Milk Stout.  Milk stout (also called sweet stout, mellow stout or cream stout) is a stout containing lactose, a sugar derived from milk. Lactose cannot be fermented by brewers' yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), and the residue adds sweetness, body and calories to the finished beer. Mackeson still bears on its label the milk churn that has been its trademark since it was first brewed in 1907.   The beer was originally brewed in Hythe, Kent, by Mackeson's Brewery.  Whitbread acquired the brand in the 1929 and gave it national distribution, eventually turning it into the market leader for milk stout. Brewing discontinued after 1968 at the Hythe plant. The beer was then brewed at the Exchange Brewery in Sheffield.

Collaboration with friends from Capetown?

Milk stout is still hugely popular in one of our most avourite places, CapeTown.   SAB Miller as was, brewed Castle Milk Stout, a 6% version of what orginiated in these parts.  We have many friends in the CapeTown brewing scene; Woodstock, Aegir and many others, however through Phil's hop life, he works with the proprietor of Riot Beer, Marc Fourie - they conspired to make this beer.

Milk stout was believed to be nutritious, and was recommended to nursing mothers, such are old wives tales. We've followed the ideals of a traditional recipe with up to date ingredients and techniques.

Breakwater Cow Juice

Breakwater HellFire Corner

HellFire Corner is our "pale n' hoppy" number.

There are a numerous classics that we love to drink in the pub,  this beer is inspired by many of those and somewhat a confluence of ideas.    However, whilst the grist (the malt base, Simpsons' Golden Promise, Munich and Wheat) stays the same, likewise the yeast - the hops will change .  

Predominantly using Columbus for bittering, we'll be ringing the changes, seasonally and what we can get our hands on to play with, and unlike many in this category, we're using an estery English Ale strain, fermented cool to moderate but work with the hops.

Batch #1, Citra Kettle and Galaxy Dry hop.

Breakwater HellFire Corner

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