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Opening a Brewery: Why it looks the way it does...

on April 15, 2017 . 0 Comments.

The decoration of any space, is one of the toughest asks of any new space. With so much pressure on everyone, everyone’s home and now places of entertainment, to look amazing, do something unique and also acceptable – I will admit that we’ve sat on our hands; one wall was supposed to be red, well, brick red, whether that was going to be a good idea or not, I’ll leave that to you. Artwork wasn’t to be too beer-y, nor war/history themed. It was a case of what are we not doing… Whilst we love the traditonal British pub, we also love the West Coast of the US's immense brewery tap room scene, and traditional "Ausshank" taprooms of Franconia's many small family brewers.  Striking that balance, it's hard to avoid the "hipster tap room cliche"... and keep it not-too-cool-for-skool.


Sticking a few bottles on the wall, a collection that needed a home, or more so, refinding my home moving the collection out, was an easy one. A curious collection of glasses, from festivals around the world, also really needed a home. Both go some way to declaring the intent, our beers are inspired by our friends from around the world.

Obviously, the elephant in the room is the brew house being right there on show.   The working space, occupies a portion of the room, but we hope isn’t too imposing. Yes, we’re a brewery first.

The artwork… we were gifted by, Phil Hardy of Otters Tears, Burslem, a long time friend a poster he’d had created from words from our late friend, the much celebrated and missed beer writer, clown and all round awesome human, Simon Johnson. You can see that aside the doors to the Brewer’s Terrace by the river. This was expertly framed by local framers, Templar Art

We’ve also found a painting of the original brewery that was on the site we use, Harding’s Wellington brewery. We created a piece to go on the entrance, showing that time, 1860’s, and how it was, even with the existing mill building still there today. We had excellent service from a local printing company, alas I can’t find the name…

Finally, we added a big piece, on the chance meeting of George, James of Visual Line Productions; talented young lads, making there way, here in Dover. You can see the first film they made about us, on the front page of the site. They also, by chance offered the equal talents their friend, Beth Garner of FireBelly  another young person making her way in creative work. They spied the large empty space that was in need of decoration – it’d always been our intention to decorate with a mural of sorts – they said the same – we decided on a plan of attack and you can now see what happened! (and meet some of the team!)


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