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The Trials of Opening A Brewery! Lazy Journalism Time.

on September 07, 2016 . 0 Comments.

There are few things that irritate more than that of lazy journalism. Sand and deep heat in a jockstrap probably less so. There’s so much poor journalism now, using google as your source and worse click bait titles. Hello Kent & Sussex Courier, we’re looking at you!   Please don’t do this, it’s beneath you.

Kent & Sussex Courier, owned by the Trinity Mirror Group owns Kent Live website.  They decided to take one, one, comment from our planning application, relating to a completely different part of the building we home our brewery in, shared with many others, and make an article from it. (HERE).  Completely ignoring the thirty plus others in favour of the project. They Kent Live have a track record of weirdness

You can see the planning portal here, please, we'd love your support to help expidite this, please leave a comment here

A Ramble

Let me ramble a bit, sorry.  Once upon a time I aspired to be a photojournalist.  Hours, days and weeks of my life spent with my grandmother atop a mountain in Italy, with no TV, only with National Geographic and Time Life, those amazing pictures, complemented with writing that just shines light on the already vivid picture.    My writing “career” is a few articles in various Carp fishing journals and a few very fun years maintaining the brewing column for the esteemed real ale association CAMRA.   Thankfully I figured out making, selling and helping others with beer was more my thing.

Actually, two things:  the great outdoors and beer.  Life somehow gifted me with the skills (sometimes talent) to convert water, malt, hops and yeast into beer, something I am incredibly grateful for.    These are skills learned in great Brewhouses, working with supremely knowledgeable people every day at Simply Hops and many incredible brewers around the world.  I am not blessed with the same skills those of my partner Victor Evans, he a genius with buildings, energy efficiency and green energy.

Where am I going with this?    Dover, a small well known town, you know the one with the White Cliffs, our nearest point to our neighbours in France, well to be honest, hasn't been at it’s best on recent times. We’re working on it.

It’s easy to ridicule when things are down, easy to “slag” off, yeah we're an easy target. It’s far harder to change people's minds, present a different opinion, help make changes and that golden ticket of getting investment going in the community both human powered and Sterling powered.  

We all look to authorities as the guardians of the correctness, whether we’re conscious of it or not. We rely on many civic bodies to be upstanding and doing their best for all and everyone within the community.  Those civic bodies can be both elected or a respected part of the commercial community; newspapers and the like.  See where I am going…

We’re sort of raised to respect the newspapers as authorities but we all know of the actions of the Sun and, well the gutter that the Daily Express and Mail call sources, are far from it, Not what we expect of local journalism.  

We expect reportage on the local football team, the growing and excellent Dover Athletic.  Mentions of people like, Dover Athletic's owner Jim Parmenter, a respected, well known face and oft quoted member of the greater and business community.  We expect photos of the village fetes, the biggest marrow held like a large phallus and results from the jam making competition.   We expect some rousing effort to raise money for a notable and worthwhile charity.  We expect, especially in Dover, plenty of reminders that Dover was the front line in horrible wars.  We expect regular updates from our local MP as to what’s happening in Westminster that will affect Dover.  We also expect happy clappy news of investments, jobs and things that are positive to the community.  

What we don't expect is what has been raised in the article that started this blog.   Please see the following as an open letter to the editor:  Breakwater Brewery as a location, has been a commercial site since it was a green field, most obviously and pointedly a Brewer, Hardings' Wellington Brewery for the vast majority of that time. You can read about it here.  One close brewing friend highlighted, "If the UK was the industrial power we all wish it was they would likely find it far busier than than it currently is.", however, we shall be occupying one small corner of the total space.    Comments refer to the other end of the site!

Not this end:


This end:

Far better looking!

But to the article, it fails to highlight the numbers of supporters, the track record of the owners as business people and practitioners of their metier.  (French word, look it up) who are bringing skills, marketing asset and much needed jobs to the local area. There is so much buzz about the town right now about the brewery, we can't wait to open! 

PS:   I am writing this to you on my birthday, my 40th!  I could be doing other things.  This is important to us. So, to add a perfect cherry on the cake, we received news our planning application was “misinterpreted”. Thus changes were made at the closure of the application process, to announcement by the planning that we need wait another 4 weeks.   Their fault, my clock.   How is that right?!   That dear journalist, is a story to chase.

I'll leave you with the words of that legendary fellow, Mr Scroobius Pip, whilst I go back to thinking about beer.


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