Wholesale Account Application

Wholesale Account Application

Thank you for your interest in our beer, it's sincerely apreciated!

Breakwater has established systems to send beer directly to our customers, however, as and when there is beer available for wholesale volumes, there will be allocations afforded to wholesale clients.

Should you wish to be on our list, please follow the instructions below and complete the application. The more information you can provide the quicker we may expidite your application.

  1. Before you complete this form, please create an account on this website. Please use the same email there as you will use on this form.  We will then change your account status to a relevant category for your business.   You will then be able to order and complete all transactions via the website, including retrieving past invoices. We know you will need that service.
  2. Your application will be considered.   Please do give due time for references and checks to be made.  Please understand we are a young/small brewery, cash flow is as important to us, as it is you, as such please understand that we won't be able to fulfill all wholesale requests from day one.  
  3. You will be informed in due course as to the status of your account.
  4. You will be alerted to stock availabililty via email. Allocations are offered on a first come first serve basis, with stock control via the site.  Current space doesn't afford us a way of holding stock huge volumes.  Your order will be shipped promptly.  We do very much prefer our beer to be consumed fresh.  We operate a Reportabeer service, this tracks any issues.
  5. You will be able to process all orders via the website/via your smart phone/tablet.
  6. All orders will be subject to a courier charge. FCA Dover, Kent. 

We reserve the right to close/terminate wholesale accounts, restrict availability to protect our brand.   Please see full wholesale terms and conditions here.

Please complete all fields where possible.  Please let us know if there are errors

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thank you for your interest in Breakwater Beers, someone will be in touch to confirm details.