Working for Breakwater

Working for Breakwater

Thank you for looking to work at Breakwater Brewery.  

We're a small multinational, multilinqual well travelled team, starting a long and winding road at Breakwater. We'd love to hear from people who have something about them and something to offer the team, who'll enjoy the ride as we grow and themselves grow too!


Our mission is simple but comes from the heart. Breakwater, is both brewery and bars, a place where people will congregate and experience handcrafted beers and with one another. Beer is a sociable beverage at it's heart. We are people that thrive off our community and industry partners. But besides the libations, it's a place that will be a cornerstone to the continued revitalisation  Humans are essentially social creatures. We are committed to providing quality beer and superb bar experiences.


At Breakwater, building on our experiences from our travels, prior brewing experiences, creating beers we've brewed to award winning and celebrated standards, we challenge ourselves to continually come up with innovative, new recipes that will not only allow for a unique experience for our customers, but that will also provide an ever-changing menu to attract those outside of our chosen location. We have aims of world class beer.

Aside from brewing ales and lagers of distinction, authenticity and honesty, you can expect those values to apply to our everything, be that snacks or the welfare of our co-workers. We are passionate for what we do and with that passion we show responsiveness and compassion in serving our customers, and our locale. Breakwater takes tremendous pride in helping other small and local businesses and farmers through partnerships and collaborations. Our goal is to be an establishment that the our town can point to as a beacon of a small business success and help lead the revitalisation of Dover so it can return to its illustrious past.

We acknowledge that our industry is constantly changing. At Breakwater., we encourage change and in fact demand it from all our projects. This willingness provides for a quality product and an unmatched attention to detail.  If you're comfortable guaranteeing our customer service promise, learning everything you can why beer is great and upholding everything about Breakwater... read on.

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